Park Medical Centre – Open to see you…

Over the last 8 months we’ve all had to change the way we do things.  We want to assure you that whilst we have changed the way we do things at Park Medical Centre to ensure we keep you and each other safe we have remained open throughout the Pandemic and have tried to ensure that whilst it is less likely we might see you in person it is easier than ever to get hold of us and communicate with us at any time.

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You can get hold of us this in the following ways:


1.) Via eConsult

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If you’re reading this you’re likely to have had to get rid of that pesky blue window titled eConsult.  It’s one of the many changes we’ve implemented to help us more effectively since COVID arose.  See our first COVID update for details.  You can use this not only to consult about a new problem but also administrative issues like asking for details on referrals and sick notes.   An automated survey of 30 people who used it last week showed 77% would recommend eConsult service to family and friends.  From our perspective please submit relevant photos if asked and please try and ensure they are taken in good lighting and are in focus.  For skin lesions it is useful to have a ruler or coin in the picture so we get a sense of scale.


2.) Via Telephone

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Reception will take your details and arrange the doctor or pharmacist to call you back.  We are typically receiving 300 calls a day so if you can please use eConsult.  If you call in the morning this will almost always be the same day.  Please ensure you keep your phone with and charged up we spend a lot of time calling unanswered phones!  The receptionists will ask for brief details.  This enables the GPs calling to spot patients who we may want to bring in and arrange accordingly.  We will arrange to see people the same or on subsequent days after calling.

From an eConsult or a Telephone consultation we may either manage it that way or offer you a video or face to face consultation.


3.) Booked Face to Face Appointment

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For certain things like wound care/vaccinations/smears there is no value in you being called first so you will be offered a face to face appointment via reception.  We ask you wear a mask at all times you’re in the Medical Centre.  Clinicians will see you in PPE and clean down the rooms between patients.  Obviously please only attend if you do not have to isolate/have a cough/fever or loss of taste or smell.

Thanks for your support and working with us to help provide you the best service we can.

Dr Robert McLaren

on behalf of the whole team at Park Medical Centre