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Bank Holiday weekend

  • During December, Covid infections have risen sharply in London and this has led to increased demand for hospital care. 

  • Please be aware the 111 service is currently under extreme pressure in our area. We are open as normal, except on weekends and bank holidays.

  • If you need non-covid medical help this weekend, please call our practice at any time – you will be advised of the extended hours GP service for your area.

  • If you have COVID symptoms, please go to or call 111. In a medical emergency, you should dial 999 as usual. Thank you for supporting the NHS.

COVID-19 vaccine

The NHS is starting to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine, in line with the government’s priority list of which people will get it first. This is a very exciting development and we want to be clear about how it will work for local people. The NHS will get in touch with you directly when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Please don’t contact your practice, doctor or the NHS asking about vaccination; this is not a service that you are able to book in advance. You will be contacted when it is your turn to be vaccinated in the weeks and months ahead.


So please remember:


·        Don’t contact the NHS to seek a COVID-19 vaccine, we will contact you when it is your time for the vaccine

·        When we do contact you, please follow the information given to know when and where to get your vaccine

·        Keep your appointment once it is made

·        The vaccine is safe. The NHS only offers vaccinations to the public once experts have signed off that it is safe to do so

·        Vaccine centres are being set up across the eight boroughs of NW London over the coming weeks.  We are getting everything ready so we can start vaccinating as soon as we start receiving the vaccine

·        We will vaccinate in order of priority, following national guidance

·        Please continue to follow the national public health guidance to control the virus and save lives – Hands – Face – Space.


COVID-19 is still very prevalent and highly infectious: the risk of catching it is the same as ever for people who have not been vaccinated.


There is more information about the COVID-19 vaccine on both the Government and the NHS websites, please take time to click on these links and read through these pages if you want to find out more.  

Flu saturday clinic on 5th December 2020



It is very important to protect yourself from flu this year with the on-going threat of Covid-19 infection. The vaccination will provide protection from the most common strains of flu this winter.

The flu clinic will take place at Park Medical Centre on Saturday 5th December 2020.

Please arrive for your appointment on time. It is incredibly important to come on time, please do not come early or late. This is because it is vital that we maintain social distancing and keep it safe for everyone attending.

Please do NOT attend if:

  • You have symptoms of COVID (new cough, fever, loss of smell/taste)
  • You are self-isolating due to being in contact with someone with confirmed COVID
  • You are quarantining after returning from a high-risk country as per government guidelines

If it is raining please bring an umbrella, we will not be having anyone in the waiting room prior to their appointment.

Please wear a short-sleeved top under your coat/jacket, this allows us to deliver the vaccine quickly.

The doctor/nurse will not have time to discuss the flu vaccination with you on the day, so please read this information before attending

If you have any concerns and wish to discuss the flu vaccination in advice please call on 020 8741 7471 to make a telephone appointment with a doctor beforehand.

We will not be able to address any other medical issues on the day; this includes collecting letters, asking for prescriptions etc.

If you feel you have received invitation message in error and do NOT wish to have a flu vaccination this year please inform reception by phone or E-Consult (see our website). It is important to let us know if you do not wish to have the vaccine this year so we can update your records and prevent further communications being sent to you.

We are very grateful for your understanding and working with us to protect our local community and hospitals.


Prescribing Incentive Scheme

In the year prior to June 2017, the NHS spent approximately £569m on items available OTC.

The NHS is asking we reduce our prescribing of these items. If there is a reduction in spending on treating conditions that are self-limiting or which lend themselves to self-care, or on items where there is little evidence of clinical effectiveness, resources can be used for other higher priority areas that have a greater impact for patients, support improvements in services and/or deliver the transformation that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the NHS.

NHS England (NHS E) has produced guidance on prescribing in primary care of items which are available OTC for the treatment of conditions which are self-limiting or which lend themselves to self-care.

The guidance ‘Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care is found below:


Carers Rights Day virtual event invitation for PPGs

Calling all Unpaid Carers.

 Know your rights and where to get support this Carers Rights Day!

Are you a local unpaid carer, or do you have a family member or friend who is?

Thursday 26 November is Carers Rights Day 2020!

This is a national day to raise awareness about your rights and where you can get help and support!

Carers Network is a local charity supporting unpaid carers in central London.

We would love to be out and about in the community meeting local carers, but due to current restrictions, we are instead going to be hosting an online ‘virtual stall’ on the day.

Why not pop in, meet the team over a cup of tea or coffee, and find out how we can help you!

We will have a morning session from 11am-1pm and an afternoon session from 2pm-4pm.

We’d love to meet as many carers on the day as possible.

There is no need to register, and the log-in details are the same for the morning and afternoon:

Meeting ID: 878 4631 9852

Passcode: 247911

We look forward to hopefully meeting lots of local unpaid carers on the day!

Best wishes,

Carers Network.

PPG – seminar for H&F GP practice, PPG leads and PPG members

Patients’ participation in GP practice

Seminar for H&F GP practice PPG leads and PPG members

Wednesday 25th November 2020, 12:30-2pm, will use Zoom

This event will explore how to approach patient’s engagement in GP practices during this challenging time and promote additional resource available to practices to deliver this work.

We invited H&F CCG, CQC, GP Federation, patients and PPG project to facilitate discussions and answer your questions.

To book your place contact PPG project coordinator Odeta Pakalnyte

Link to COVID-19 resource pack

Park Medical Centre – Open to see you…

Over the last 8 months we’ve all had to change the way we do things.  We want to assure you that whilst we have changed the way we do things at Park Medical Centre to ensure we keep you and each other safe we have remained open throughout the Pandemic and have tried to ensure that whilst it is less likely we might see you in person it is easier than ever to get hold of us and communicate with us at any time.

We are Covid Safe | News and Events | The Old Fire Station

You can get hold of us this in the following ways:


1.) Via eConsult

eConsult - Access GP services online in Devon - YouTube

If you’re reading this you’re likely to have had to get rid of that pesky blue window titled eConsult.  It’s one of the many changes we’ve implemented to help us more effectively since COVID arose.  See our first COVID update for details.  You can use this not only to consult about a new problem but also administrative issues like asking for details on referrals and sick notes.   An automated survey of 30 people who used it last week showed 77% would recommend eConsult service to family and friends.  From our perspective please submit relevant photos if asked and please try and ensure they are taken in good lighting and are in focus.  For skin lesions it is useful to have a ruler or coin in the picture so we get a sense of scale.


2.) Via Telephone

Telephone Systems | Small Business Telephone Systems Manchester

Reception will take your details and arrange the doctor or pharmacist to call you back.  We are typically receiving 300 calls a day so if you can please use eConsult.  If you call in the morning this will almost always be the same day.  Please ensure you keep your phone with and charged up we spend a lot of time calling unanswered phones!  The receptionists will ask for brief details.  This enables the GPs calling to spot patients who we may want to bring in and arrange accordingly.  We will arrange to see people the same or on subsequent days after calling.

From an eConsult or a Telephone consultation we may either manage it that way or offer you a video or face to face consultation.


3.) Booked Face to Face Appointment

UK sued for giving company with 16 employees $135 million PPE contract - Business Insider

For certain things like wound care/vaccinations/smears there is no value in you being called first so you will be offered a face to face appointment via reception.  We ask you wear a mask at all times you’re in the Medical Centre.  Clinicians will see you in PPE and clean down the rooms between patients.  Obviously please only attend if you do not have to isolate/have a cough/fever or loss of taste or smell.

Thanks for your support and working with us to help provide you the best service we can.

Dr Robert McLaren

on behalf of the whole team at Park Medical Centre

Face Coverings

Dear Patients,

Help us protect our staff and our patients. If you have a pre-booked face to face appointment at the surgery, please ensure you are wearing a face covering. Our clinicians will NOT be able to see you unless you are wearing one. Thank you for your co-operation.

eConsult and COVID

If you’re reading this you’re likely to have had to get rid of that pesky blue window titled eConsult.  It’s one of the many changes we’ve implemented to help us more effectively since COVID arose.  See last update for details.  It was in fact always planned but the rationale for it is stronger than ever.

What is eConsult?


Pros and Cons: Why do it?

The positives are that it enables you to submit a request for help/advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be asked the vast majority of questions a doctor would ask.  We get this information sent electronically within minutes after you submit.  The questions are thorough and cover areas we sometimes hurry over when under pressure.  We are still learning to navigate this information but are rapidly finding we can quickly determine the next steps and contact you by text/telephone or video to take things further.  We will rarely bring you to the surgery before theses steps due to COVID but at some point would obviously consider this an automatic outcome as well.  Because of the detail in the requests we are able to respond correctly first time and when needed ensure you see the right person first time.  We are currently responding to these the same working day for submissions before midday.  We plan to respond within 2 hours.  To do this we need to increase the proportion of requests we get. National evidence suggests about 70% of requests can come like this and because of the efficiencies significantly increase the capacity in a practice so we have more time with the people who need it and fare less wasted journeys by people coming to see us who we can support at home/work.  As a consequence we will be asking you with increasing vigor to make your requests for appointments/support via eConsult.

We appreciate this is a big change for many (including us), takes some time for people to fill in the forms and the stress of navigating yet another website.  Our commitment to you in making this change is that we will be more responsive and effective in meeting your needs and our reception will have more time to offer you help and less time responding to your requests with a “no, we’re fully booked” – it makes me feel sick just writing those words as a GP and a patient!

“It’s not the same” /”I want to see someone in person”

We feel the same!  Right now face to face care is obviously only appropriate when we can be sure the risks to you and us of COVID are mitigated.  We’ve found video consulting great but the whole clinical team has commented at some point how great it can be to see our patients face to face and the added value this can bring.  We will continue to do this but right now we will only do this when there is a clear medical indication to do so.

Your practice… Your service

When you use eConsult you get offered the chance to feedback on it.  So far the feedback has been limited (approx 10/<5% users) but has been universally positive.  Please provide more so we can make things better.  In the next month or so we will send our a survey to see how we can improve things further.

Thanks for your support and working with us to help provide you the best service we can.

Dr Robert McLaren

on behalf of the whole team at Park Medical Centre

Park Medical Centre response to COVID

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for being so patient and understanding at this extremely difficult time.  The team at Park really appreciate the community spirit and support from everyone we look after and work with.  We want to especially offer our condolences and support to anyone who has been affected by COVID19.  We were initially working with quite a reduced team but we’re pleased to tell you we’re back to nearly full strength.

Over the last month or so we have had to change our entire approach to providing General Practice but we want to reassure you we are all still here and working hard to help keep our community well.  We expect and hope many of these changes will have a lasting positive impact even when life begins to get back to a new normal.

We’re still here to support you – here are all the changes we’ve made:

We our trying to help our patients remotely wherever it’s safe and effective to do so.  We’ve made 3 major changes to the way we provide care at Park Medical:

  • eConsult: This is a web based electronic consultation tool that allows you, our registered patients, to request advice 24 hours a day from us/in your own time.  It allows you to send us attachments and photos.  We will contact you the same day or the following working day.  We would like everyone, who can, to use this as the first point of contact as it helps us ensure that when we do contact you we have all the information we need to help you as fast as possible.  It will no longer be possible to email the practice for advice or GP input.  Please use the eConsult tool instead.  See for details or our website to use it  If you are unable to use this tool you can call reception who should be able to help you with it.



  • Telephone & Video Consulting: If we need to contact you to resolve your issue and need to see you but not physically examine you we can do this providing you have a smartphone.  The same software also allows us to send you documents including referral letters and medical certificates.



  • Need to be seen? Clean Rooms and COVID Hubs: If we do need to see you we have arranged our day and the building so that we minimise the risk of anyone contracting COVID19. Reception are only allowing people into the building through the front door we have already screened on the phone and anyone who does come is kept waiting for as short a period as possible.
    1. Anyone who is at high risk from contracting COVID19 will only be seen if critical and then at the beginning of the day in one of our “super clean rooms”.
    2. After speaking to you if we think you might have COVID19 and need further information we have arranged a number of options:
      1. We can send someone out to see you at home to measure your oxygen saturations
      2. We might ask you to go to Brook Green Medical Centre where we have fellow Partners who we will refer you to assess you for COVID19.
      3. If unlikely to be COVID19 we might ask you to come to the surgery in the afternoon and either assess you in your car or come to one of our “amber rooms” via our back entrance – we will give you details of how this works if we use this.
      4. We can send out a specially equipped home visiting GP Team to assess you.

Next Steps

Over the coming weeks we will be making increasing contact with people with long term conditions to provide ongoing support.  As most will probably know hospitals are providing minimal outpatient activity now and for the immediate future (so we are unable to make any referrals except for very urgent cases or high likelihood of cancer) but we have good contact with the hospital teams and can seek their advice and input when needed.

We are getting in touch with all our Shielded Patients to make sure they know what to do, how and where to get support.

The Real Heroes

We have provided a huge amount of support to Chiswick Nursing Centre during the Pandemic.  We have had invaluable support from the the Imperial Care of the Elderly Team notably Matron Rawlda and Dr Pandora Wright.  Most care homes have had a very difficult time during this period and we particularly want to recognise the invaluable work the carers provide in homes and to the wider community.  Please see the video below and a recent related news story.

We look forward to seeing you in person soon but for now stay at home, keep washing your hands and if you do need help get in touch.

Dr Robert McLaren

On behalf of all the team at Park Medical Centre