Monthly Archives: December 2020

Bank Holiday weekend

  • During December, Covid infections have risen sharply in London and this has led to increased demand for hospital care. 

  • Please be aware the 111 service is currently under extreme pressure in our area. We are open as normal, except on weekends and bank holidays.

  • If you need non-covid medical help this weekend, please call our practice at any time – you will be advised of the extended hours GP service for your area.

  • If you have COVID symptoms, please go to or call 111. In a medical emergency, you should dial 999 as usual. Thank you for supporting the NHS.

COVID-19 vaccine

The NHS is starting to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine, in line with the government’s priority list of which people will get it first. This is a very exciting development and we want to be clear about how it will work for local people. The NHS will get in touch with you directly when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Please don’t contact your practice, doctor or the NHS asking about vaccination; this is not a service that you are able to book in advance. You will be contacted when it is your turn to be vaccinated in the weeks and months ahead.


So please remember:


·        Don’t contact the NHS to seek a COVID-19 vaccine, we will contact you when it is your time for the vaccine

·        When we do contact you, please follow the information given to know when and where to get your vaccine

·        Keep your appointment once it is made

·        The vaccine is safe. The NHS only offers vaccinations to the public once experts have signed off that it is safe to do so

·        Vaccine centres are being set up across the eight boroughs of NW London over the coming weeks.  We are getting everything ready so we can start vaccinating as soon as we start receiving the vaccine

·        We will vaccinate in order of priority, following national guidance

·        Please continue to follow the national public health guidance to control the virus and save lives – Hands – Face – Space.


COVID-19 is still very prevalent and highly infectious: the risk of catching it is the same as ever for people who have not been vaccinated.


There is more information about the COVID-19 vaccine on both the Government and the NHS websites, please take time to click on these links and read through these pages if you want to find out more.  

Flu saturday clinic on 5th December 2020



It is very important to protect yourself from flu this year with the on-going threat of Covid-19 infection. The vaccination will provide protection from the most common strains of flu this winter.

The flu clinic will take place at Park Medical Centre on Saturday 5th December 2020.

Please arrive for your appointment on time. It is incredibly important to come on time, please do not come early or late. This is because it is vital that we maintain social distancing and keep it safe for everyone attending.

Please do NOT attend if:

  • You have symptoms of COVID (new cough, fever, loss of smell/taste)
  • You are self-isolating due to being in contact with someone with confirmed COVID
  • You are quarantining after returning from a high-risk country as per government guidelines

If it is raining please bring an umbrella, we will not be having anyone in the waiting room prior to their appointment.

Please wear a short-sleeved top under your coat/jacket, this allows us to deliver the vaccine quickly.

The doctor/nurse will not have time to discuss the flu vaccination with you on the day, so please read this information before attending

If you have any concerns and wish to discuss the flu vaccination in advice please call on 020 8741 7471 to make a telephone appointment with a doctor beforehand.

We will not be able to address any other medical issues on the day; this includes collecting letters, asking for prescriptions etc.

If you feel you have received invitation message in error and do NOT wish to have a flu vaccination this year please inform reception by phone or E-Consult (see our website). It is important to let us know if you do not wish to have the vaccine this year so we can update your records and prevent further communications being sent to you.

We are very grateful for your understanding and working with us to protect our local community and hospitals.