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Park Medical Centre response to COVID

Thank YouThanks to everyone for being so patient and understanding at this extremely difficult time.The team at Park really appreciate the community spirit and support from everyone we look after and work with.We want to especially offer our condolences and support to anyone who has been affected by COVID19.We were initially working with quite a reduced team but we’re pleased to tell you we’re back to nearly full strength.Over the last month or so we have had to change our entire approach to providing General Practice but we want to reassure you we are all still here and working hard to help keep our community well.We expect and hope many of these changes will have a lasting positive impact even when life begins to get back to a new normal.We’re still here to support you – here are all the changes we’ve made:We our trying to help our patients remotely wherever it’s safe and effective to do so.We’ve made 3 major changes to the way we provide care at Park Medical:

  • eConsult: This is a web based electronic consultation tool that allows you, our registered patients, to request advice 24 hours a day from us/in your own time.  It allows you to send us attachments and photos.  We will contact you the same day or the following working day.  We would like everyone, who can, to use this as the first point of contact as it helps us ensure that when we do contact you we have all the information we need to help you as fast as possible.  It will no longer be possible to email the practice for advice or GP input.  Please use the eConsult tool instead.  See for details or our website to use it  If you are unable to use this tool you can call reception who should be able to help you with it.

  • Telephone & Video Consulting: If we need to contact you to resolve your issue and need to see you but not physically examine you we can do this providing you have a smartphone.  The same software also allows us to send you documents including referral letters and medical certificates.

  • Need to be seen? Clean Rooms and COVID Hubs: If we do need to see you we have arranged our day and the building so that we minimise the risk of anyone contracting COVID19. Reception are only allowing people into the building through the front door we have already screened on the phone and anyone who does come is kept waiting for as short a period as possible.
    1. Anyone who is at high risk from contracting COVID19 will only be seen if critical and then at the beginning of the day in one of our “super clean rooms”.
    2. After speaking to you if we think you might have COVID19 and need further information we have arranged a number of options:
      1. We can send someone out to see you at home to measure your oxygen saturations
      2. We might ask you to go to Brook Green Medical Centre where we have fellow Partners who we will refer you to assess you for COVID19.
      3. If unlikely to be COVID19 we might ask you to come to the surgery in the afternoon and either assess you in your car or come to one of our “amber rooms” via our back entrance – we will give you details of how this works if we use this.
      4. We can send out a specially equipped home visiting GP Team to assess you.

Next StepsOver the coming weeks we will be making increasing contact with people with long term conditions to provide ongoing support.As most will probably know hospitals are providing minimal outpatient activity now and for the immediate future (so we are unable to make any referrals except for very urgent cases or high likelihood of cancer) but we have good contact with the hospital teams and can seek their advice and input when needed.We are getting in touch with all our Shielded Patients to make sure they know what to do, how and where to get support.The Real Heroes

We have provided a huge amount of support to Chiswick Nursing Centre during the Pandemic.We have had invaluable support from the the Imperial Care of the Elderly Team notably Matron Rawlda and Dr Pandora Wright.Most care homes have had a very difficult time during this period and we particularly want to recognise the invaluable work the carers provide in homes and to the wider community.Please see the video below and a recent related news story.We look forward to seeing you in person soon but for now stay at home, keep washing your hands and if you do need help get in touch.Dr Robert McLarenOn behalf of all the team at Park Medical Centre